Standard Enclosure 1200mm


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The 1200 standard enclosure measures approx 1200mm long x 634mm high x 595mm wide.

It comes with a 600mm fluorescent light holder with standard tube (not UV), 2 ceramic Edison style light fitting with 2 x 100 watt basking globes. There is a vent in the back top right hand corner.

All electrics have their own power leads which have been tagged and tested.

The enclosure has been manufactured using 16mm white moisture resistant melamine providing durability and easy cleaning.

It comes with two 5mm thick removable glass sliding doors complete with finger grips and polished edges making it safer for you and easier to clean!

This enclosure will comfortably suit a broad range of reptiles.


Thermostats UV tubes and extra light fittings are optional extras!

Options for this Model

  • IMIT thermostat Fitted Add $50.00
  • UV Tube (required for most lizard species and some snakes)
  • Glass Door Lock
  • Thermometer
  • Wire Cage cover for fluorescent light (prevents snakes from constricting and breaking the tube)
  • Wire cage cover for basking or heat globes (to prevent reptiles and people from burning themselves)